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Get Started with Dgraph

Note You can see an older version of the Getting Started page here.


Welcome to Dgraph. Here are a series of tutorials for getting started :

Run dgraph and learn about nodes and edges, as well as basic queries and mutations.

Learn about UID operations, updating nodes, and traversals.

Learn about data types, indexing, filtering, and reverse traversals.

Learn about multi-language strings and operations on them using the language tags.

Learn about string indices, modeling tweet graph, and keyword-based searching.

Learn about full-text search and regular expression search.

Where to go from here

  • Go to Clients to see how to communicate with Dgraph from your application.
  • Take the Tour for a guided tour of how to write queries in Dgraph.
  • A wider range of queries can also be found in the Query Language reference.
  • See Deploy if you wish to run Dgraph in a cluster.

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